Here is list of releases of hardy.Veles solo and featuring tracks. Also, there are some works signed only hardy, before I've finally decided that project name will be hardy.Veles.

Shumska Majka
Type: EP

My second solo EP is out for IONO Music. It contains three tracks created from summer of 2009. to beginning of this year: Investigation (134bpm), Red Zone (136bpm) and Shumska Majka (135bpm). Shumska Majka (Forest Mother) is old-slavic forest deity that is common with Romanian people too. (Muma Paduri).

So far I've got great feedback on this from friends and DJs. It'll be available on Beatport on 9th March.

IONO Music | More info
Tales of Veles
Type: EP

My first solo EP released at the end of 2009. for Synergetic Records. It has 6 tracks, covering wide range of my production during that year.

Synergetic Records | Beat port page
Expansion #1
Type: USB Stick VA

This is the very first USB Stick VA release on scene and we all in TesseracT Studio are very proud of it. I have one track (Monolith - 132bpm) at this VA, as hardy.Veles. All over the net we've got very good feedback. This release was in top of sales chart on Psy Shop and Beat Port.

Spin Twist | More info | Beat port page
Synergy #1
Type: CD VA

Synergy is first TesseracT compiled VA, released for Synergetic Records on CD VA and digitaly also. Psy Shop and Beat Port charts promoted us as one of top worlds progressive producers. hardy.Veles - Gates of Veles - 134bpm was my first track released under this project name.

Synergetic Records | More info | Beat port page
Hypercube - Zyce & Fox Album
Type: Featuring

This was my first released co produced track. At that moment I was signed only as hardy. After Fox left music production, Zyce renamed this project into Vertex and he is about to release it's second album.

Synergetic Records | More info | Beat port page

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Future plans

Goal of hardy.Veles project is to finish and release album during 2010. On album I'll get minimum 4 featurings with friends from TesseracT Studio. Also, I'm very open for co production and remixes, so, don't hesitate to contact me.

On BeatPort

To check all my releases on BeatPort visit page: Download and Media - where BeatPort player is included.